Jujube Crackers


Jujube Crackers

Red-brown Jujube Crackers that capture the abundance of autumn

Price 8,000won
Unit 1box
Weight 100g, 5 packets

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    Flour of Korean wheat grown in rich soil is combined with sun-kissed jujube.

    Subtle sweetness spreads throughout your palate as you bite into the Jujube fruit bits inside the crispy cracker.

    THE TEST KITCHEN crackers are natural handmade crackers. The crackers are allergy-friendly as they contain no artificial additives, eggs, or milk.

    Total 5 packets (100g) / 1 serving: 1 packet

    How Jujube Crackers are made

    THE TEST KITCHEN crackers are made at THE TEST KITCHEN using only the most carefully selected domestic ingredients.

    1) Premium quality Korean jujube are washed and chopped
    2) Chopped jujube is mixed into cracker dough made with brown rice flour and buckwheat powder
    3) Crackers are formed and put into the oven then baked at a precise temperature for a certain amount of time for optimal taste and texture
    4) Jujube Crackers fresh out of the oven are cooled to fully bring out the cracker’s texture. After cooling, the crackers crunch like walking on dried leaves as you bite down and lingers in your mouth like crisp snow.

    5) Now the Jujube Crackers are ready. Are you planning on eating these crispy treats all by yourself?

    How to enjoy our Jujube Crackers

    Made with carefully selected natural ingredients, THE TEST KITCHEN’s crackers go well with a wide variety of foods.
    Did you think crackers were just plain, square, and flat bread?
    Well…THE TEST KITCHEN products will change your idea of crackers.
    Crackers are fun and you can be creative with how you eat them.
    Here are some great ways to enjoy our Jujube Crackers
    Jujube has a complex taste—sweetness followed by sour and bitter taste.

    Jujube Crackers with cold tea, coffee or fruit juice are delicious picker-uppers that will restore your energy in the afternoons.

    Take a little sip of your beverage and take a bite of the Jujube Cracker while holding the drink in your mouth. When the cracker meets moisture, you mouth will be filled with the rich flavor of jujube.



    Please don’t keep THE TEST KITCHEN crackers your little secret.
    Express your gratitude towards the people you love and experience the joy of sharing.

    Also, treat yourself to some of THE TEST KITCHEN cracker. The simple crackers come in small packets so you can carry them around in your purse or bag and enjoy them anywhere.

    Bring People Together!

    Nutrition Facts Serving size: 1 packet (20g) / Total 5 servings (100g)
    Amount per serving Calories: 95, Carbohydrate 14g (4%), Sugars 4g, Protein 2g(4%), Fat 3.5g(7%), Saturated Fat 1g(7%), Trans-fat 0g, Cholesterol 0mg(0%), Sodium 60mg(3%)
    *( ) = Percent Daily Value
    Ingredients Flour (Korean), rice bran oil (Thai), buckwheat powder (Korean), brown rice powder(Korean), almond powder, jujube (Korean), muscovado, organic unrefined sugar, bamboo salt(Korean)


    – THE TEST KITCHEN’s Jujube Crackers are manufactured in a facility that processes soy. (Contains wheat & buckwheat)
    – Without any preservatives, the crackers need to be consumed promptly upon opening to enjoy the crispy texture
    – Expiration date is printed on the cracker box
    – Crackers are like fresh flowers. Please store them in a well ventilated place out of sunlight

    Packing and Delivery

    – THE TEST KITCHEN takes utmost care to safely and quickly deliver the crackers to you and the people you care for
    – Shipping is free for purchases over 40,000 won (shipping fee: 2,500won)
    – Order cancellation due to change of heart should be made only before 3PM of business days. In case of order cancellation, please contact our customer center and check delivery status.

    Returns and Exchanges

    – Please understand that there may be restrictions to exchange and returns due to change of heart since our crackers are semi-perishable.
    – Order cancellation due to change of heart can only be done before shipping. Please contact our customer office and check delivery status when cancelling your order.
    – We do not accept return of opened/consumed or products that have perished after passing its shelf life. For specific inquiries regarding returns and exchanges please contact the customer center (after taking photo of the affected part).



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