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THE TEST KITCHEN offers catering services as well as customized event and bulk gift services.
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    How far have you experienced crackers?
    Crackers are versatile and THE TEST KITCHEN will go wherever people get together.
    THE TEST KITCHEN will help you create great memories of spending time with people you love and having a nice conversation over good food .

    Catering with THE TEST KITCHEN crackers are great for

    – Conferences and meetings of corporations, public institutions, none profit organizations
    – Company events, seminars, training sessions
    – Gifts for guests attending private events, parties, or art shows


    5 flavors mean 5 different catering styles

    – RefreshingYuzu Crackers: simple plain yoghurt, milk
    – SweetJujube Crackers: herb tea, green tea, black tea, coffee, fruit juice
    – Sweet-tartSchisandra Crackers: canapé, salad, spread cheese, jam
    – SavoryCinnamon Crackers: fruit slices (apple, banana, melon), milk tea, yam tea
    – SpicyChili Pepper Crackers: dark beer, IPA beer, sparkling wine

    For catering purpose, we recommend our Yuzu and Jujube Crackers

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    Do you have any questions about our catering, event, and gift services?
    Please feel free to contact us and we will promptly answer any questions you have about our products and services.

    Bring People Together!

    Nutrition Facts Serving size: 1 packet (20g)
    Amount per serving Calories: 95, Carbohydrate 14g (4%), Sugars 4g, Protein 2g(4%), Fat 3.6g(7%), Saturated Fat 1.8g(12%), Trans-fat 0g, Cholesterol 0mg(0%), Sodium 60mg(3%)
    *( ) = Percent Daily Value
    Ingredients Yuzu Crackers Yuzu preserve (Korean)(yuzu, sugar), flour (Korean), rice bran oil (Thai), cornflour (Korean), almond powder, organic unrefined sugar, brown rice powder(Korean), coconut powder, bamboo salt(Korean)
    Jujube Crackers Flour (Korean), rice bran oil (Thai), buckwheat powder (Korean), brown rice powder(Korean), almond powder, jujube (Korean), muscovado, organic unrefined sugar, bamboo salt(Korean)
    Schisandra Crackers Flour (Korean), schisandra extract (Korean)(schisandra, sugar), rice bran oil (Thai), buckwheat powder (Korean), brown rice powder(Korean), almond powder, organic unrefined sugar, coconut powder, dried cranberry(cranberry, sugar, sunflower oil), bamboo salt(Korean)
    Cinnamon Crackers Flour (Korean), rice bran oil (Thai), apple (Korean), brown rice powder(Korean), almond powder, muscovado, organic unrefined sugar, cinnamon powder, bamboo salt(Korean)
    Chili Pepper Crackers flour(Korean), rice bran powder(Thai), buckwheat powder(Korean), brown rice powder(Korean), organic unrefined sugar, pickled chili peppers(green chili peppers, soy sauce, water, sugar, vinegar, green plum extract), almond powder, bamboo salt(Korean)


    – THE TEST KITCHEN Crackers contain flour, buckwheat, and soy.
    – Without any preservatives, the crackers need to be consumed promptly upon opening to enjoy the crispy texture
    – Expiration date is printed on the cracker box
    – Crackers are like fresh flowers. Please store them in a well ventilated place out of sunlight

    Packing and Delivery

    – THE TEST KITCHEN takes utmost care to safely and quickly deliver the crackers to you and the people you care for
    – Shipping is free for purchases over 40,000 won (shipping fee: 2,500won)
    – Order cancellation due to change of heart should be made only before 3PM of business days. In case of order cancellation, please contact our customer center and check delivery status.

    Returns and Exchanges

    – Please understand that there may be restrictions to exchange and returns due to change of heart since our crackers are semi-perishable.
    – Order cancellation due to change of heart can only be done before shipping. Please contact our customer office and check delivery status when cancelling your order.
    – We do not accept return of opened/consumed or products that have perished after passing its shelf life. For specific inquiries regarding returns and exchanges please contact the customer center (after taking photo of the affected part).



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